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360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S7

The award-winning product

Why choose the 360 Robot Vacuum?

Enjoy a home made

effortlessly clean

Cleaning floors has never
been so easy

Sweeping and mopping

Scheduled cleaning

Enjoy life the way

it is meant to be

Easy to use

Start cleaning with just one click

Quiet and powerful performance

Apart from you, your pet has

never had a better friend

High suction power

Just like magic, it cleans up pet hair

Smart sweeping and mopping

Enjoy a spotless floor

Sweeping and mopping

Automatically switches to
mopping mode once the
water tank is installed

Keep robot vacuum away
from carpets by setting up
mopping off-limit areas

Sweeping and mopping
at the same time

Sweeping supplemented with mopping

Water seeps out slowly and evenly on the mopping pad

Leaves no water stains on your floor

Automatically switches to mopping mode
after water tank is installed

The intelligent water tank allows the water to seep out onto mopping pad evenly and
slowly while working and to stop seeping when the vacuum is not working.

Please remove the water tank as soon as mopping is done because the mopping pad will remain moist.

Set the mopping off-limit area on mobile app

Keep robot vacuum away from carpets by setting up mopping off-limit areas.
Automatically switches to cleaning mode after the water tank is removed.


LDS Lidar + SLAM algorithm

Off-limit area


Automatic recharge + resume


LDS Lidar + SLAM algorithm

LDS Lidar + SLAM algorithm draws accurate maps and plans cleaning
routes intelligently to ensure high coverage and high efficiency.

Set off-limit areas using mobile app

Based on artificial intelligence technology and big data, the vacuum
automatically identifies areas it should keep away from
and reminds the user to set off-limit areas.

Anti-collision to protect furniture

Anti-collision sensors allow the vacuum to clean and mop
the floor around the furniture and objects on the floor.

At the same time, the vacuum automatically slows down
when it is moving toward furniture to avoid collisions
that may cause damage.

The vacuum is able to identify objects that it can pass
through, such as curtains and bed sheets, giving you
a completely clean floor.

Memory cleaning to ensure efficient
cleaning of large house

The vacuum remembers cleaning progress and
automatically continues on with remaining
task after recharging.


Four anti-drop sensors on the bottom of
the vacuum gauge whether steps and
equipment are off the ground.

The floor is so clean!

2000PA suction power

Automatically increases
suction power when it is
entering carpeted areas.

The self-adjusting main brush
allows the vacuum to handle
the uneven surface of floor
more flexibly.

2000PA suction power

With self-adjusting main brush,
cleaner floors

The self-adjusted main brush allows the vacuum to
handle uneven surfaces with more flexibly.

Identifies carpets and increases
suction power automatically.

When entering carpet areas, the vacuum automatically switches to Max Mode
with 2000Pa suction power for deep cleaning.

Higher suction power, lower level of noise

While the suction power is maximized to 2000Pa,
the dual noise reduction duct keeps working
noise to a minimum.

Easy to use, user-friendly app

Scheduled cleaning

Set off-limit areas using mobile app

Custom area cleaning

Can be integrated with Tmall Elf and Alexa

Scheduled cleaning

Put your robot vacuum to work when you're not at home

Set off-limit areas using mobile app

Set off-limit areas by simply touching your mobile
without additional virtual walls.

Intelligent room mapping

Intelligently outlines different areas. By naming
each area, users can customize cleaning
specifically for living room, bedroom,
corridor, bathroom, etc.

Can be integrated with Tmall Elf and Alexa

Voice control through Tmall Wizard and Alexa, easy interactability