Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy was last changed in May 2018.

  1. Who we are

    Qihoo 360 Technology Co., Ltd., (“we”) respects your privacy and values the trust you place in us when you share your personal data with us. This policy sets out how we, as data controller, collect and use your personal data, why we use it, with whom we share it, the rights to which you may be entitled and your choices about our use of your personal data.

    This policy covers our use of your personal data arising from use of 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner application (“APP”) and our official website (“ &”)

    If you have any questions or need any further clarity, please get in touch. Contact details are set out below.

  2. Your information

    We will collect and use your personal data to allow your access to and use of 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, the APP and Website and in accordance with the purposes set out in more detail in this section.

    What we collect How we use it

    Information provided as part of your account including:

    • Your username;
    • Your password;
    • Your mobile phone number;
    • Your email address;
    • Your account settings;
    • Your account preferences.

    We use this information, including to:

    • Register an account for you and enable you to log in the account;
    • Enable network-enabled features of 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner and provide our services;
    • Verify users’ identity and to prevent fraud;
    • Identify how you'd like to use your account.

    Information collected for associating your 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner to your APP:

    • IP address of your 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner;
    • Wi-Fi network information (including Wi-Fi account name and password);
    • Serial number of your 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner.
    We use this information to Associate 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with the APP.

    Information automatically collected when you using 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner:

    • The areas you clean;
    • Features 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner you used and cleaning modes you chooses;
    • Any faults of 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

    We use this information, including to:

    • Provide room cleaning service;
    • Identify issues with 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner and user's experience of it;
    • Improve our service.

    Information about the way you use our APP including:

    • IP address of your mobile device;
    • Device information such as Android ID, device type, operating system and its language, unique device identifiers, the mobile network system and its language, network/internet status;
    • When and how you use our APP;
    • The features of APP you used.

    We use this information, including to:

    • Provide room cleaning service;
    • Identify issues with 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner and user's experience of it;
    • Improve our service.

    Information automatically collected through your use of our Website including:

    • Date and time of requests;
    • The requests you make;
    • The pages you visit;
    • IP address;
    • Cleaning maps.

    We use this information, including to:

    • Provide our services;
    • Identify issues with the Website and user's experience of it;
    • Monitor the way our website is browsed.

    Information when you communicate with us whether in person, through our website or via email, over the phone, through social media or via any other medium, including:

    • Your contact details (this may include your social media account if that's the way you communicate with us);
    • The details of your communications with us;
    • The details of our messages to you.

    We use this information, including to:

    • Answer your questions;
    • Monitor customer communications for service improvement and training purposes;
    • Improve our services;
    • Personalise our services
    • Upgrade our products.

    Why we collect and how long we keep your information

    We collect and use your information for a variety of reasons. We need your information to enter into and perform our contract and realize the functions of 360 Robot Cleaner.

    Some information processing is required by law due to our anti-fraud screening obligations or in the public interest such as making sure we verify our users’ identities.

    Other information we collect because we have legitimate business interests, for example, in:

    How long we keep your information

    We will keep your information for as long as it is reasonably necessary (except cloud video recording as stated above). It will depend on factors such as whether you have an account with us or have interacted with us. We will also routinely refresh our information to ensure we keep it up-to-date. Your accountinformation will be maintained permanently. Data like maps and cleaning history produced by 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner will be maintained for two weeks.

    Uses for compliance with legal requirements

    Your personal data may also be processed if it is necessary on reasonable request by a law enforcement or regulatory authority, body or agency or in the defence of a legal claim. We will not delete personal data if relevant to an investigation or a dispute. It will continue to be stored until those issues are fully resolved.

  3. Information we share

    There are certain circumstances where we may transfer your personal data to employees, contractors and to other parties. We will not share your personal data with any unauthorized third parties.

    We may also share your information with certain contractors or service providers, for example, our database service providers. Our suppliers and service providers will be required to meet our standards on processing information and security. The information we provide them, including your information, will only be provided in connection with the performance of their function.

    Your personal data may be transferred to other third-party organisations in certain scenarios:

    360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner allows you to share the access to your robot by permitting other people to connect to your robot. These permitted users are able to access the robot and record videos from the robot until you withdraw your permission. We encourage you to exercise discretion and caution with respect to permitting others to access your robots because we do not control their actions and cannot stop them from sharing videos obtained from your robot with someone else.

  4. Where your information will be stored

    Some information we collect may be transferred to other countries, such as to our own servers or servers of our database providers in Frankfurt, Germany. Data of EU users is stored in EU server. These countries may not have equivalent data protection laws to those applicable in the European Union. We do, however, ensure an adequate data protection level by agreements with our data base provider and other arrangements. Please feel free to contact us for further details.

  5. Your rights

    You may have certain rights in relation to your information including a right to access or to correct the information we hold on you. We've listed the rights you have over your information and how you can use them below. These rights will only apply in certain circumstances. They will generally not be available if there are outstanding contracts between us, if we required are by law to keep the information or if the information is relevant to a legal dispute.

  6. Cookies

    We use cookies that identify your browser or device. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on a user’s computer or mobile device. We use cookies to record information about your activities on our Website to “remember” you when you return to the Website. You may set your browser setting to attempt to reject cookies and you may still use our Website.

  7. Security

    We are committed to keeping your personal data safe. We take reasonable and appropriate administrative, technical, organizational, and physical security and risk management measures in accordance with applicable laws to ensure that your personal data is adequately protected against accidental or unlawful destruction, damage, loss or alteration, unauthorized or unlawful access, disclosure or misuse, and all other unlawful forms of processing of your personal data in our possession.

  8. Changes to the policy

    This policy will be changed from time to time.

    If we change anything important about this policy (the information we collect, how we use it or why) we will highlight those changes at the top of the policy and provide a prominent link to it for a reasonable length of time following the change.

    You can email the Data Protection Department for previous versions, you can get in touch at the following email address:

  9. How to contact us

    If you have any questions about this policy please contact our Data Protection Department: