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High Suction and Small Noise

NIDEC brushless motor has suction up to 1800Pa.

  • Imported unimpeded motor
  • Frequency conversion suction
  • Full body shockproof design
  • Vortex air duct, quiet
  • No interference!

First Cleaning

Then Mopping

  • First, the two side brushes gently clean the floor to gather dust and debris within a radius of 18 cm or 7 in.
  • Then, the middle roller brush cleans the floor again.
  • Finally, the vacuum mops resulting in even cleaner floors.

Attention to Detail, Never Misses Any Dirt

The vacuum cleans the corners according to the path planned after the radar scan.

It can overcome small obstacles and achieve comprehspanensive coverage.

Automatically Increases

Suction on Carpets

When entering carpet areas,

the robotic vacuum will

automatically switch to

1500Pa strong suction,

deep cleaning.

Indoor SUV is Able to Cross Over Obstacles

Easy to conquer little mountains. It can clean floor under sofa and bed based on

measuring height intelligently.

Environmentally Friendly and Washable HEPA Filter

The filter can be washed directly with water,

and it can maintain 95% filtration performance even after one year of washing!

Data above is based on physical testing lab environment.