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LDS Lidar Accurately Detects Obstacles and

Intelligently Plans Path

The LDS lidar rotates at a speed of 6 rv/s and scans its surroundings 2,160 times per second.

The distance is accurately measured using the reflected laser from obstacles.

SLAM Algorithm Draws Accurate Maps,

Resulting in More Intelligent Cleaning

The SLAM artificial intelligence algorithm and Autopilot technology can instantly generate

room maps and automatically plan cleaning routes. Using M-shaped cleaning,

the robotic vacuum has high coverage and no unreachable areas.

Anti-collision Sensors Prevent Furniture Damage

24 precise sensors and smart system result in only 500g striking force

with no damage to furniture.

Automatic Docking & Recharging

When the vacuum's power is lower than 20%, the recharge task

will be automaticallyturned on. 4 sets of infrared receivers accurately lock on the charging dock.

After being fully charged, the robotic vacuum will automatically continue

the unfinished cleaning task.

Anti-Drop Sensor:

The Vacuum Will Not Fall

There are 3 anti-drop sensors on the bottom

of the vacuum to judge whether steps and

equipment are lifted off the ground.

Multi-sensor Collaboration,

IntelliSense Surrounding Environment

Using Autopilot technology, imitating human judgment, and accurately

sensing the surrounding environment