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Washable HEPA Filter Minimizes Air Pollution
Long-lasting Battery Life

Equipped with LG-18650 lithium battery, 3200mAh large capacity,

and energy-efficient technology application, battery life and duration are no longer a problem.

The robotic vacuum will also automatically switch its working state according to

the type of ground it's on, and change frequency dynamically to save energy.

Extra-long Brushes on Both Sides

Can Clean Larger Areas and Farther Corners

The nylon brush bristles, which were

imported from Germany and perfected,

are more durable and designed to take

care of your floor. The ultra-long brush

body makes the cleaning more efficient

without any unreachable areas.

The hair isolation bundle, located between

the side brush and the side wall, rotates

with the side brush. This will not only prevent

hair entanglement to the vacuum but also

makes it easier to collect hair.

Main Brush’s Convenient Cleaning Design

The detachable and optimized design of the bearings at both ends of the main brush makes

hair entangled to the main brush easier to remove and prevents the motor

from overheating due to excessive entanglement of hair.

180° Infrared Connection Charging Dock

The robotic can automatically dock. The charging dock can guide the Robot cleaner

if it’s located anywhere 180° in front of the dock. The guiding distance

can reach up to 3~5 meters, which doubles the recharge efficiency

to ensure that the robotic vacuum completes its work.