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Frequently Asked questions ( FAQ )

Promblem types Causes and solutions
Unable to power on

When the battery is running low, please place Robot on the charging dock and align it with the charging electrode plates and Robot will power on automatically (when it’s completely out of power, Robot needs to be charged for a while before it powers on automatically).

Ambient temperature is too low or too high (below 0℃/ 32℉ or above 50℃/ 120℉),please use this product in temperature ranging from 0℃/ 32℉ to 40℃/ 104℉.

Unable to charge

Please remove robot vacuum and check whether the charging dock indicator light is on. Make sure both of the charging dock and power adapter are all plugged in.

Poor contact, please clean up the electric shock on the charging dock and the charging electrod shock on the Robot.

Unable to go back to charge

There are too many obstacles near the charging dock, please place the charging dock in an open area.

Robot is too far away from the charging dock. Please try to place Robot near the charging dock.

Abnormal behavior

Hold power key for seconds to shutdown and push to restart.

Abnormal noise during cleaning

The main brush, side brush or wheel may be entangled by someting, please shutdown and clean it.

The cleaning ability declines or dusting

The dust bin is full, please empty and clean it.

The filter is clogged, please clean or replace it.

The main brush is entangled by something, please clean it.

Cannot be connected to Wi-Fi

When Wi-Fi signal is poor, please make sure the Robot is within the good Wi-Fi coverage.

Wi-Fi connection is abnormal, please reset Wi-Fi and download the latest phone App to try to connect them again.

Incorrect password input.

The router is a 5G band. However, this robot only supports 2.4G band.

Scheduled Cleaning mode is invalid

Insufficient power! The scheduled time sleaning can only be started when the remaining attery capacity ≥ 30%.

Does the robot vacuum consume power when it is on the charging dock?

The power consumption is very low while Robot is charging, which helps to keep the battery at its best performance.

Does robot vacuum need to charge for 16 hours for the first three times uses?

Because of no memory, Lithium battery can be used after fully charged without waiting.